Acupuncture physician

Golden Therapeutics was established by Anneliese Valery in 2016;  an artistic expression of compassionate healthcare.


In 2010 Anneliese was certified by Florida College of Natural Health in massage therapy, as a means to begin her passionate effort to serve others in their journey to health and wellbeing. This interest was sparked a decade before by the wonderment and curiosity of medicinal herbs, traditional use of food for maintaining health in the hearth, and personal practices to bring vibrance to daily life. 

The practical ease and strength in soft tissue manipulation manifested unexpectedly while attending San Francisco Art Institute. Her figurative clay sculpture often carved out life-sized human shapes, similarly to how she  carves out muscle and fascia to render bodies that can then move more vibrantly, freely, with less pain and restriction.

When she received her massage therapy licensure, Anneliese began working with Power Chiropractic in West Palm Beach helping patients maintain health, increase flexibility, and rehabilitate from injuries. She was fortunate to be invited to offer prenatal massage therapy in The Orchid Nest in Delray Beach, where the awesome inherent power of women is nurtured, so it may bring about life naturally and without fear.  

In 2015 Anneliese started her practicing acupuncture as an intern at the ATOM clinic, and volunteering at Light of the World Clinic. In 2018 Anneliese earned a Bachelors in Health Science, and a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.