Golden Therapeutics is located in the historic Harvey Building in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. The massage therapist is Anneliese Valery, who has been in practice since 2012 and is currently attending a Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate program.

Massage therapy sessions are customized for each person and their health goals. Complimentary medicine within the scope of practice is incorporated, providing modalities that may benefit the body's potential to heal itself. 

So you'd like a session, now what?

The easiest and fastest way to schedule a session is to call (772) 233 1122  If Anneliese is in session, your call may go to voicemail, but she will call you back, usually the same day. On your appointment day, you may arrive at your appointment time; no need to arrive early, but do allow some time to find public parking. 


it's best if you stay hydrated dont have a rigorous work out (before or after).