A carefully selected group of acupoints is stimulated through applied pressure, crystal points, magnets, and subtle energies to promote the  body's healthy functioning. Acupressure enhances or rectifies the correct flow of vital life force, Qi or Prana.

There is extensive research

positively linking the success

of people incorporating

Auricular Medicine

auricular protocols for sobriety,

PTSD, weight management,

smoking cessation, and anxiety.

These can be incorporated into

your treatment with

auricular seeds.


This practice uses a highly refined

herb, Mugwort to warm and build life force, Qi or Prana when there is

depletion. This therapy is not always indicated, but when properly administered, it is an energetic boost 

to the healing effort.

Cupping therapy has been successfully used for more than 3,000 years to treat disease.

Among its many diverse applications, cupping relieves pain, accelerates the healing response from the common cold, decreases the appearance of 'cellulite', ameliorates the toll of difficult emotions, and has useful applications in relief from insomnia.

Cupping Therapy