Golden Therapeutics makes use of colour therapy by offering customized colour baths during massage therapy sessions, as well as WEarablEs & AmbiEnT TeXTurE pieces, which can be custom ordered.



We are constantly receiving messages through colour, and their meaning affects us even while we are not aware. Colours and their presentations have established meanings in society, they belong to subconscious themes, and have specific effects on our endocrine system. For example, a red traffic light catches our attention alerting us to stop, a flushed red face is agitated, and a bright red frog evolved to avoid predation by wearing a showy colour. We understand these things without learning them. A red colour bath can increase blood flow and energize the heart, red coloured foods increase vitality, and red crystals can increase physical energy in sensitive people.  


Using colour is an accessible, non-invasive therapy that can be used by anyone to enhance health and vibrance. Chromatherapy, as it's also called, can be used by anyone in all aspects of our lives: like when we choose what colour polo shirt, necktie or dress to wear depending on who we are meeting, what colour jewels to put on depending on what we are setting out to do, or what colour foods to eat depending on how we feel.