This gentle and deeply relaxing therapy focuses on finding and freeing 

misalignments of the bones within the head and spine. Just like the pace lungs keep as they breathe, and the heart beats to circulate blood, the brain also pulses in a rhythm. It pumps cerebral spinal fluid that nourishes the central nervous system. 


This rhythmic pulse moves the cranial bones and sacrum, but if these bones are slightly off center, the restriction of proper movement has countless uncomfortable manifestations. Craniosacral therapy interacts with the cerebral spinal fluid to invite the cranial bones and sacrum into a balanced, centered state.

Among the many conditions that CST can help are anxiety, digestive problems, balance problems, fatigue, insomnia, headaches and migraines, injuries due to accidents, low back pain and sciatica, sinus problems, TMJ pain, and tinnitus. Emotional trauma, including PTSD can also favorably respond to CST, as can sensory disorders such as dyslexia.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a highly systemized modality

of energetic medicine. Drawing from ancient tradition, and likened to Medical Qi Gong,

Pranic Healing utilizes detailed protocols developed from experiment and evidence-based research. 


This powerful modality goes hand-in-hand with TCM, to magnify and solidify the results that can be achieved in one session. Pranic Healing is an excellent complementary medicine for anxiety, menstrual issues, fatigue, depression, body pain or discomfort, among many other symptoms and syndromes. 

It is a powerful modality for receiving the benefits of acupuncture without the needles.


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A woman contemplating becoming pregnant benefits from bodywork to prepare her mind, body and soul for conception. Golden Therapeutics offers support in all stages of pregnancy; from navigating the journey of nurturing fertility, to the very elusive and seldom talked-about 4th trimester, in which a new mom needs extra care. 

Massage therapy eases the intense changes in her body, and helps prepare for the birth event. At the same time, prenatal massage aids the health of the baby to come. Research shows increased movement of lymph and circulation of blood favor vitality, nurturing intelligence in the forming baby.

PreNatal Massage